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Redemption22014_ContestSEMIFINALISTHappy Wednesday, everyone! I have some exciting news to share with all of you! My short story,Redemption, was named a Kindle Book Review, 2014 Kindle Book Awards Semifinalist! The Top-5 Finalists in each category will be announced on September 1st, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed until then. In the meantime, I am certainly enjoying this wonderful honor!

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Teaser Tuesday – Awakening

Awakening3BHappy Teaser Tuesday, everyone! With the recent cover reveal for Awakening, today’s teaser is from the 2nd scene of Chapter 5. It’s one of my favorite exchanges between Andillrian and Thraklauz and really shows the close bond and deep level of affection they have for one another. Check out the first book in the series, The Lost Heir, and follow me on Facebook to keep up to date on all the Awakening release news!

A guttural scream suddenly jumped from Selantia’s throat, pulling Andillrian away from her thoughts.

«Elder tired,» Thraklauz murmured, his husky voice thick with concern. «Elder troubled.»

«Yes,» Andillrian agreed, not able to disguise the sorrow in her heart. «I have watched Selantia closely over the past six days. She has tried to hide her discomfort, but even a fool could see that she is suffering. She has fallen deeper into herself — battling whatever demons are at war inside her.»

«She strong. She win fight.»

The wolf spoke with such conviction that Andillrian could not help but believe his words. «Yes,» she answered with a small nod. «Yes, she will prevail.»

«You worried.»

She met the wolf’s questioning yellow eyes, wishing he was not so perceptive. «Yes,» she finally admitted. «I am concerned for the future of this world. Darrak is strong, but there is much he has yet to learn and master. Thus far, he has been able to lean upon the rest of us, but there will come a day when we will not be here to lend our aid. I fear what will become of his people when that moment comes to pass.»

«Your strength give him strength. If he not ready, he not survive capture. When time come, he do what he must.»

Andillrian smiled and affectionately placed a hand on Thraklauz’s back. «You are quite right, my friend. Thank you.»


The unlikely pair sat quietly for a few moments, each lost in their own thoughts, before Thraklauz suddenly stood and turned to face the young warrior. «I stay with you,» he informed her.

«No Thraklauz,» she replied firmly, shaking her head. «You have proven to be an honorable companion and a trustworthy friend, but you belong here with your kin. They will need your protection in the times ahead.»

«I stay with you,» the wolf insisted. «Many kin killed by evil men. War no longer only human war. I protect wolf-kin. I join battle.»

Andillrian studied her friend’s yellow eyes before answering. «You answer to no one, Thraklauz. I can see you are determined to continue with us to Krémarra, and I have no right to force you to do otherwise. That being said, I want you to know that you are not bound to us by any oath — spoken or unspoken. Should you ever want to leave and return to your kin, you are free to do so. Do you understand?» She paused, as the wolf simply nodded. «You are a kingly friend, Thraklauz,» she continued with a smile. «It will be an honor to have you fight by my side.»


«Welcome,» she replied with a small chuckle. Nuzzling her cheek into his soft fur, she did her best to suppress a yawn. «I apologize, Thraklauz. It seems that fatigue has finally caught up with me.»

«I watch. You sleep.»

Nodding her appreciation, she wrapped the cloak around her body and sighed gratefully as she turned to her side, her eyes already tightly closed. She barely heard the wolf’s soft words flutter through her mind.

Thraklauz curled protectively against her stomach. «Dream good, Andillrian.» The thought fluttered through her mind like a leaf riding the currents of a gentle breeze. «I protect you. I keep you.»

The above text is taken from Awakening.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. Copyright © 2014 Andi O’Connor

Cover Reveal!

I’ve been waiting to share this with you and the moment is finally here! Here it is, everyone! The final cover for Awakening coming in Fall 2014!

 The color palette really reflects the darkness of the book and the subject matter brings out the various forms and themes of ‘awakening’ – some obvious, some much more subtle. Kudos to for perfectly capturing the essence and feel I was looking for as well as finding unique ways to incorporate my different ideas!

What do you think of the cover? What does it say to you? Does it get you interested in reading Awakening? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Teaser Tuesday – Redemption

thHappy Teaser Tuesday, everyone! I’ve been working a lot recently on finishing the second short story in The Legacy of Ilvania series, Reclamation. It’s going well and I should have it finished and released by the end of July! *fingers crossed* So, to celebrate the upcoming release of Reclamation and the recent release of Redemption in all eBook formats (not just Kindle) today’s teaser will be from the 2nd scene of Redemption. It’s short…but it is Teaser Tuesday after all!

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No one cares that we are nothing but vicious animals!

Full of malice, Jae unleashed his power in one massive attack, not caring who or what he hurt. Brilliant streaks of red lightning shot from his fingertips. Orange sparks danced in the air when the crimson bolts collided against the Master’s shield, and a faint look of approval flashed across Zhirog’s face.

Overcome with exhaustion, Jae collapsed on the floor. The excruciating pain abruptly vanished. He smiled in blissful relief before the world plummeted into darkness.

The above text is taken from Redemption.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. Copyright © 2014 Andi O’Connor

Teaser Tuesday


Happy Teaser Tuesday! The cover for Awakening is in the works and the manuscript is on the way to the editor. So while all that’s happening, I want to share a little teaser from The Lost Heir for those of you who have yet to check it out! The following scene is a good bit of the way through the book and follows one of my favorite battles.

The Lost Heir is the 1st book of The Dragonath Chronicles, so if you’re looking for some great summer reading, be sure to check it out! It’s available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon or Barnes & Noble! Or, you can pick up a signed copy for 20% OFF! Sign up for my Newsletter to stay up to date on Awakening’s release! 

What do you think of today’s teaser? Have any questions about The Lost Heir or Awakening? (Or anything else) Share your thoughts!

As the last of the men’s screams died away, Andillrian walked toward the wolf and knelt before him. With the aid of him and his kin, the battle had ended rather swiftly, and as Andillrian had promised, the others immediately set to work tending to their injured allies. She was about to speak to the animal when his husky voice echoed through her mind.

«I Thraklauz,» he informed her.

«It is nice to meet you Thraklauz,» she replied with a deep bow of her head. «My name is Andillrian. The elder is Selantia, the man is Ipzaag, and the other woman is Anarra. We want to thank you again for your assistance. We are deeply sorry for the misunderstanding earlier. We regret that so many of your kin perished by our hands. If there is any way we can repay you, please let me know. We will do all that we can to ease your sorrow.»

«We thank, but it not needed. We understand your action. You already help us. No human before show mercy. You different. You and friends part of wolf pack. Welcome in woods always.»

Andillrian clasped her bloodied hand over her heart. «We are most honored. You fought well and are noble at heart. We wish you much happiness and will cherish your gift from the bottom of our hearts.»

«Where go now?» Thraklauz asked as Andillrian stood.

«The men captured our friend. We believe they are taking him southwest. We must try to find him.»

Thraklauz looked at her thoughtfully. «You risk much for friend.»

«Aye,» she replied, looking deeply into his electrifying yellow eyes. «Darrak carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and needs our help. We have sworn oaths to protect him, but we have failed. The men were able to capture him. We can only hope to find him before he comes to great harm.»

«Not your fault,» the wolf replied tenderly. «You strong. You guard good.»

«Thank you,» Andillrian replied softly. «Your kind words are appreciated.»

«We track men,» Thraklauz continued after a moment’s deliberation. «We help free friend.»

Andillrian fell to the ground and hugged the wolf’s neck before he had a chance to protest. «You are a king among animals,» she said as the surprised wolf tenderly placed a paw on her back. «Thank you.»

The above text is taken from The Lost Heir.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. Copyright © 2013 Andi O’Connor

r/Fantasy AMA

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I’m totally excited to announce that I’m the r/Fantasy Writer of the Day! Now’s your chance to ask me anything!

Visit my Website or check out my WOTD Introduction to learn a little more about me and my writing, then ask away! I’ve answered some awesome questions so far which forced me to ponder areas and aspects of my writing I’d never before considered. I’m learning stuff about me just as much as you are!

I’ll be popping in an out on r/Fantasy all day, so keep those questions coming!


Teaser Tuesday

thHey everyone! It’s Teaser Tuesday! Since I’ve had Awakening on my brain lately with all the edits, today’s teaser is the first scene of Chapter 4. It’s the first time we see Iornwen since just after the marriage ceremony in The Lost Heir, and it isn’t a happy meeting, to put it mildly. It’s actually quite disheartening. She lets us into her mind and shares her deepest, darkest secret…

Awakening is the 2nd book of The Dragonath Chronicles, scheduled for publication in late 2014. Sign up for my Newsletter to stay up to date on Awakening’s release! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, pick up a copy of The Lost Heir on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

What do you think of today’s teaser? Have any questions about The Lost Heir or Awakening? Share your thoughts!

Iornwen stood rigidly before the oversized, gilded mirror. Staring at her reflection, she contemplated the subtle, yet disturbing changes in her features. Small wrinkles etched along her previously smooth skin, bursting from the corners of her eyes like unwanted cracks in an otherwise perfect marble sculpture. Sporadic strands of grey shone like beacons in her hair, which was once a mass of lustrous deep brown curls. Her fair skin had lost its healthy glow, and she could just make out the faint traces of dark circles beginning to form beneath her eyes. Her once vibrant blue irises gazed back at her with a slight hint of accusation. She couldn’t blame them. Gone was the spirited luster present centuries before. Now, she was encumbered with an aberrant weariness.

Sighing oppressively, she turned away from the mirror. Since returning to Dragonath, she’d noticed similar changes in her brother. But the similarities were in appearances only. The root causes of her and Ipzaag’s transformations were entirely different. It wasn’t merely the passing of time causing her hair to grey and her skin to wrinkle. The signs of her aging were due to something far more sinister—something beginning nearly four decades earlier when she’d left Dragonath.

Her body had been affected by the lack of méno in the atmosphere the moment she materialized on Earth. It’d felt as though the air itself was pushing against her from all sides. Like being in the center of a room slowly closing in on itself, the invisible walls had inched towards her, crushing her with their unyielding pressure. She’d ignored the discomfort and pain, instead focusing her energy on the task her father had entrusted to her. As the years slowly passed, her body and mind eventually numbed against the desperate need for méno which never came.

Since returning to Dragonath, she’d noticed an overwhelming and unfamiliar sense of exhaustion consume her heart. It wasn’t the kind of fatigue able to be cured with a goblet of wine and a good night’s sleep. It continued to permeate her soul, challenging her very existence. Her extended stay on Earth had caused irreparable damage. No amount of méno her body now consumed would restore the vitality she’d lost.

A single tear glided down her cheek, and she brushed it away in annoyance. There was much she had yet to accomplish. But she would live to see only a fraction of it completed. This is not what was meant to happen, she thought bitterly. It was true she’d been aware of the dangers of spending an extended period of time on Earth. But essential details were missing. No one had known exactly how her body would react to being deprived of méno. No one had known how much time she would be granted.

But it was a risk she’d needed to take.

Yet, despite the precariousness of the situation, hope always remained. Hope her body would have a natural resistance to the dangers. Hope the consequences would take hold slowly. Hope she’d be given time.

Hope, it seemed, had been futile.

Would her frailty allow The Organization to triumph? Would she live to see her people fail?

The above excerpt is from Chapter Four of Awakening. It should be treated as an uncorrected proof and may differ slightly from the final version.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. Copyright © 2014 Andi O’Connor

Redemption FREE!

Redemption2Need a richly descriptive and engaging short to read before the start of the work week?Redemption is FREE today and tomorrow (5/18/14 & 5/19/14) for Kindle! Get your copy now!

“To make us as the readers connect to a character so that we care is hard to do, yet Andi O’Connor does it perfectly.” –Indie Book Reviews

Huddled in the shadows, Jae watches while one of the Mé’Draak brands his cellmate as a slave before viciously dragging him from the room. Feeling the weight of the metal collar around his neck, Jae is left alone to contemplate his own fate. Will the afternoon session finally Break him? Will it kill him? Or will he end up like the boy, a helpless pawn neither living nor dead?

Review Time!

Front CoverSilevethiel just received a great 5-star review from Indie Book Reviews!

“Her way of writing scenes is so descriptive and vivid we really feel like we are in Princess Irewen’s shoes..” -Bella Indie Book Reviews

Check out the full review on Goodreads

Have you read Silevethiel? What did you think? Do you agree with Bella? Why or why not?

Now Accepting Submissions!


Attention all you fellow fantasy writers! Purple Sun Press is now accepting submissions of Fantasy short stories for a compilation book! Check out the submission guidelines, get your creative juices flowing, and submit those stories! LET’S DO THIS!

Originally posted on Purple Sun Press:

Well, the time has finally come for Purple Sun Press to accept submissions!

Now, before you all start sending me your 150,000 word epic fantasy novels, submissions are only open for short stories in Fantasy and all its sub-genres.

OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the idea of this project is to introduce new and lesser-known fantasy authors to readers by including their work in an awesome Fantasy short-story compilation! I want to help gifted fantasy writers get their work out in the world to be enjoyed! Stories submitted should be between 1,000 and 7,500 words and must fall into the Fantasy genre. Depending on the length and quality of submissions, approximately 10 to 20 stories will be chosen to be included in the Fantasy short-story compilation (title yet to be determined) to be published in both eBook and print.

Check out the full Submission Guidelines.

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