We Want More!

Happy Monday, everyone! Redemption has been getting some awesome ratings and reviews! It recently receive 8 reviews from Indie Book Reviews, 6 were 5-star and 2 were 4-star! The only complaint was that it was so good they wanted more! It is a short story (only 18 pages on Kindle) but it’s packed with empathy, backstory, and action. For just $0.99 on Amazon, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to my writing and is an awesome option for those of you who don’t have a lot of free time! And, for all those who want more of Jae and the Mé’Draak, another short story is in the works! The 2nd story in The Legacy of Ilvania, I hope to have it published in June!

“To make us as the readers connect to a character so that we care is hard to do, yet Andi O’Connor does it perfectly.” -Karen Indie Book Reviews

For all of you who are fans of The Lost Heir, and are waiting with baited breath for the 2nd book, I am putting the finishing touches on Awakening and will start the first round of edits this week! Be sure to keep posted for updates, contests, and sneak peeks!


The State of Digital


I recently went through my total sales and I’m quite surprised by the number of print copies that have sold. I assumed most people would prefer a digital copy over print, especially for a little known self-published author such as myself. And while most libraries have purchased copies in digital formats, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the general readers. The sales of print copies are actually higher than digital. I realize I am only one person and compared to many, many (MANY) other authors, my total sales amount to an ant being found among a herd of wildebeests, but it made me wonder if print is as dead as many seem to think.

And that, my friends, leads me to today’s question…ok, questions.

What are your book buying habits? Do you prefer print or digital? Do you always choose the same format, or does it depend on the book, author, or genre? If you find yourself preferring print over digital, will you purchase an eBook if a title you want to read isn’t available in print (and vice versa)?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! And whatever format you choose, happy reading!

Redemption FREE on Amazon!

Redemption_3DHappy Thursday, everyone! If you couldn’t guess from the post title, Redemption is FREE today on Amazon Kindle, and just in time for some awesome weekend reading!

Will Jae ever be free, or will he end up a helpless pawn neither living nor dead?
      *Get your free copy and find out today!

On a side note, Redemption got its first review yesterday, and it was a 5-star rating! It really is a lovely, touching review and it was wonderful to know that a reader could experience so much emotion in a short story (especially one that I wrote!) It was also most touching to read in the review that he is a loyal fan and has read both The Lost Heir and Silevethiel. Knowing that I am beginning to build a fan base is incredible and something I had only dreamed of not too long ago. Thank you, Ed, for reading and enjoying my work, and thank you to all of you who have (or will) pick up one of my books. You are why I sit down in front of my notebook every day and write. You are why I strive to put out the best writing I can so you may have the most thrilling adventure possible. You are what keeps me motivated to keep trying when the words won’t come. Thank you.


“All in all, a great read, highly recommended, and a great way to get into what Andi O’Connor has to offer :-)” -Ed (Amazon Reviewer)


I’ve undertaken a side project lately, a dark fantasy short story series (say that 10 times fast) and have been waiting to be able to share it with all of you! Redemption is the first short story in The Legacy of Ilvania, and it deals with a young man’s struggles to overcome the evil army of the Mé’Draak and stand up for what he knows to be right. I actually had difficulty choosing between two completely badass covers. They both caught the feel of Redemption perfectly, but because of the more global meaning of this cover (and with the wonderful input of some close friends) I decided on this one. What do you think?


To entice you further, here’s the blurb:

Huddled in the shadows, Jae watches while one of the Mé’Draak brands his cellmate as a slave before viciously dragging him from the room. Feeling the weight of the metal collar around his neck, Jae is left alone to contemplate his own fate. Will the afternoon session finally Break him? Will it kill him? Or will he end up like the boy, a helpless pawn neither living nor dead?

You can buy it on Amazon for just $0.99 or listen to me read a selection in the Readings & Refreshments section on my Website. Enjoy!


Create Stronger Female Fantasy Characters


Morning everyone!

The image to the left pretty much sums up what we all imagine when we think of women in fantasy. For those of you who are familiar with my work, you’ll probably have picked up on two recurring themes: female equality and the empowerment of women. There’s a lot that goes into creating strong female characters, especially in fantasy, and it goes far beyond the personality of the character herself. I recently wrote a guest post for Book Marketing Buzz where I share 4 ways you can create stronger female fantasy characters. Check it out on BookMarketingBuzz!

What are some ways you think writers can create capable, independent women characters who defy common fantasy stereotypes? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Beef up your 2014 Reading List!

The High Druid's BladeIt’s time to start on your 2014 reading list! I personally can’t wait for the release of The High Druid’s Blade by Terry Brooks coming on March 11th, which just happens to be my birthday. Yes, my birthday present to myself has been pre-ordered for months now. It’s not a sickness…I promise. I also can’t wait for another of his books, The Darkling Childwhich is scheduled for release on August 19th. Juliet Marillier, another of my favorite authors, will finish her Shadowfell series with the release of The Caller in September.  Until these three goodies are in my hands, I’ll continue to work through my extensive library and discover new and wonderful authors!

What books made your reading list for 2014? I hope Silevethiel and The Lost Heir are on there somewhere!

Treat Yourself

Ring in the New Year by treating yourself with an end of the year present! Pick up a Hardback of Silevethiel on Amazon for 24% off! Begin 2014 with a journey to the world of Vaelinel and discover the magic of the elves!


Have a joyous and safe start to 2014! Sláinte!

Kirkus Review’s Best of 2013!

Best of 2013After keeping it a secret for weeks, I’m happy to finally be able to announce that Silevethiel was named as one of Kirkus Review’s Best Indie Books of 2013! I’ve known for over a month and still can’t quite believe it received such a wonderful honor. To see my name in the same category as such brilliant and accomplished authors as Susan Wittig Albert is truly amazing. If you had asked me a year ago if any of my work would ever receive such praise, I would have told you ‘no’. In fact, if you asked me now, I would probably still say ‘no’. For being a new, independent author with only two books to my name, it is difficult to think my work can be viewed as being of the same quality as so many seasoned writers. I can only hope that I will constantly learn and grow as both a writer and publisher, and produce books that continue to affect readers in such powerful ways. For now though, I am simply going to take the last few weeks of 2013 to enjoy this extraordinary honor and be proud of all I’ve already achieved.

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Pre-Order Silevethiel!

DSC_1076Happy Friday, everyone! This is a quick update to let you know the new release date for Silevethiel is December 24th! There was a huge headache with the distributor, but I’m glad the issue has been resolved and the date is finalized. The publication of my second book is just as exciting as the first, perhaps even more so because I published this one myself. The experience has been challenging but also extremely gratifying. I want to thank all of you for your constant support and understanding. I couldn’t have done it without you!

For those of you who may be interested, Silevethiel is now available for Pre-Order on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Holiday Sale!

Santa Holding Stack of GiftsNeed a special gift for your favorite fantasy lover? Get them a signed copy of The Lost Heir or Silevethiel!

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